Emergency Preparedness

Intrado School Messenger is our automated phone, text, and email alert system.
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To listen to the latest district message call:
 (844) 823-6631
The Grandview C-4 School district is committed to making the safety of all of our students, staff and community members a top priority. District leaders have taken a proactive approach to help ensure this priority during emergency situations that occur while students are in our care.

The district and each of its school facilities has an emergency crisis plan which provides assistance to administrators, local law enforcement and emergency management officials. Emergency and lock-down drills also take place routinely throughout the school year to practice crisis response.
District leaders, principals, and school resource officers meet with local emergency management personnel as part of the district’s Safety Committee team to discuss crisis response, management and communication. If you have any questions about your school's safety responses and practices, please contact your school principal.
If there is a school emergency, what should parents do:
It is critical parents receive important information and directions from school officials before going to the school. Emergency vehicles may need access to the road and highways near our schools, and it is important they are not blocked or hindered in crisis response.

Parents can be confident that accurate and timely information about the emergency will be released to parents, the public and the media during any emergency incident. Keep phones near. School Messenger, the district's automatic notification system, will deliver voice and text updates to provide parents guidance about how they can be reunited with their child, in case an evacuation of the site has been conducted as part of the school crisis plan.
How can parents stay informed:
Make sure you are always connected. Keep your contact information updated with a current phone number, email and street address through your school or through Parent Portal. To update your contact information in Parent Portal you may click here. When emergency situations happen the Grandview C-4 School District will use your contact information to broadcast emergency messages.
What happens if my child’s school has an emergency situation:
Each school has its own specific crisis plan. The plans involve the activation of the school’s Emergency Response Team, lockdown procedures, evacuation plans, and temporary shelter information. Plans are reviewed and updated annually. For more information about your school’s crisis plan, please contact your building principal.
Notification of school closings, delays and/or early dismissals due to inclement weather will be announced via our automated phone alert system, School Messenger, on local radio, television stations and on the district's website.

On days when school is not in session because of inclement weather or other emergency closings, there will be no student-related activities in the school buildings, unless approved by the superintendent.
Grandview C-4 schools and facilities routinely practice tornado and other emergency drills. During a tornado warning, all GC-4 schools and other facilities will be locked down. No students or staff members will be allowed to leave their take-cover area until the warning has expired. For this reason, parents will not be allowed to pick up their children from school while a warning is underway as staff members would be required to leave their take cover area to release the students, putting both the students and school employees at risk.
When students and staff members take cover during tornado warnings, parents/guardians will receive a phone call through the district’s automated calling system. The recorded calls will also inform parents that students will not be released from school during the warning. In addition, school staff members will not be answering the office telephones since they are required to be in their take cover positions. A second call will go to parents/guardians to notify when the warning has expired resulting in students and school staff returning to classrooms.

Complete guidelines governing emergency plans/safety drills can be reviewed in Board Policy EBC.