Volunteering in Our Schools

The Grandview C-4 School District welcomes parent and community involvement. Studies show when parents and community members are engaged in school, students perform better, and it builds school/community partnerships that are purposeful and meaningful.

There are great opportunities to get involved in our district. Through our Reader Leader program, you are invited into our classrooms to sit and read or be a reading listener to students in small groups. It’s an hour-a-month commitment. You can also volunteer with our district through Caring for Kids and help serve students in need or be of assistance to teachers. There are plenty of other opportunities to get involved in your student’s school activities, but it starts with signing up.
For questions about volunteering email:
woman helping student
To volunteer please read our three-step process. If you have any questions you can email us at [email protected].

Step 1 -Submit your Application

Submit your application by visiting our application website at:
Step 2 -Background Check
You will receive information, upon receipt of your application, to obtain a background check. After the background check is approved, you will be notified to sign up for a brief volunteer orientation.
Step 3 - Orientation 
A volunteer coordinator will reach out to schedule a brief orientation. Once your orientation is complete you will be scheduled to begin your volunteer assignment.  

Field trips provide unique learning experiences and often require careful planning and coordination. By maintaining clear communication with parents through written notices and ensuring the safety of students through background checks for chaperones, the Grandview C-4 School District prioritizes the educational and safety aspects of field trip experiences. Here are the important details regarding field trips:

  • Scheduling: Field trips are scheduled by the classroom teachers throughout the school year. These trips are carefully planned to enhance the curriculum and provide students with hands-on learning opportunities.


  • Parental Notification: If your child is scheduled to participate in a field trip, the classroom teacher will send a written notice home to parents. This notice will provide details about the field trip, including the date, destination, purpose, and any specific requirements or instructions.
  • Written Parental Permission: For every field trip, written parental permission will always be required. This ensures that parents are aware of the trip and have given their consent for their child to participate. It's important to carefully read the field trip notice and follow the instructions for providing consent.


  • Background Checks for Chaperones: All parent/guardian chaperones who accompany students on field trips must complete and pass a background check. This is a standard practice to ensure the safety and well-being of the students during the trip. The background check helps to create a secure environment for all participants.


If you have any questions or need more information about field trips, including the background check process for parent chaperones, it is recommended to contact your school's front office. They will be able to provide you with specific details and guide you through the necessary steps.