Our District


Grandview C-4 serves more than 3800 diverse students across nine schools in Grandview and parts of South Kansas City,  Missouri, enriching the local neighborhoods and the community.  Our staff is committed to preparing all students to be future-ready through a rigorous, real-world learning curriculum.  

More than 90% of our graduates enroll in college or are employed in vocational careers.

GC-4 is committed to using high-quality instruction to ensure our students are future-ready. The district offers a wide spectrum of educational opportunities including pre-engineering, robotics, culinary, music, theater, forensics, sports, and an award-winning band program.

District boundaries encompass the majority of Grandview, Missouri, as well as portions of south Kansas City on the west of the district and Lee’s Summit on the east, with a total population of 32,000.

GC-4 has an early childhood center (High Grove), four elementary schools (Belvidere, Butcher-Greene, Conn-West, and Meadowmere), one K-8 school (Martin City), one 6-8 grade middle school (Grandview Middle School/GMS), one 9-12 grade high school (Grandview High School/GHS) and the Center for Alternative Instructional Resources (CAIR).

Presently the student demographics are 52% African-American, 20% Caucasian, 20% Hispanic, and 8% Asian, Indian, or other minority backgrounds.