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Online Registration and Enrollment

ONLINE REGISTRATION will begin on Tuesday, July 5, 2022. The registration process is completely online, saving you time and trips to the schools.  Please check your email throughout the online registration process for important updates.
Registering your student(s) online is necessary prior to enrollment. You can access ONLINE REGISTRATION through PARENT PORTAL at You can use your computer or smart device to access PARENT PORTAL. You will need your PARENT PORTAL login information to access ONLINE REGISTRATION. Your PARENT PORTAL username is the email address you provided to receive district communication.
If you forgot your password, please click the “FORGOT YOUR PARENT PASSWORD” link to have the information sent to you.
To make your ONLINE REGISTRATION experience faster and more convenient, we encourage all families to upload the required residency documentation during the ONLINE REGISTRATION process. Uploading your residency documentation is a quick and secure process; allowing district staff to approve residency at a glance from your family documents. Failure to upload the required residency documentation could result in rejection of your ONLINE REGISTRATION submission. Click here to see our residency requirements.
Current students should upload any updated immunization records during ONLINE REGISTRATION. Uploading updated student immunization records is a secure process and helps move your registration process along. Out-of-date immunization records will delay the enrollment process. NEW students to the district or those returning after attending elsewhere should also upload their most current immunization records during the ONLINE REGISTRATION process. Click here for state immunization requirements.
Once all registration forms are complete, you will be able to submit the ONLINE REGISTRATION. District staff will work diligently to review your submission for completion and accuracy. Since this is an online process, we ask that you check your email regularly for information and updates regarding registration and enrollment. Registering your student online is the first step toward enrollment.

How to Register Online:

  1. Enter parent portal at
      • If your child is new to the district:  You will need to access parent portal and set up an account. (Note: You will need to remember your username and password for future use.)
     2. Complete all screens for family and individual children.  
     3. Upload residency and immunization documents.
     4.  Once all registration screens are completed, you will be allowed to SUBMIT your registration.

Submitting Residency Information Online:

  1. There are two options to submit your residency documentation
      • Email your residency information to [email protected] OR
      • Upload residency information on the resident screen during the online registration process.  
Residency Requirements:

You must submit the following residency requirements:

  • A current mortgage statement or rental/lease agreement in the resident’s name with landlord information and signatures.  
  • Two CURRENT utility bills (gas, electric, water, trash service, home telephone, or cable) in the resident’s name.  Billing or statement date (not the due date) must be within the last 30 days; no final bills, disconnect, or shut-off notices will be accepted. 
  • If the lease states the tenant is only responsible for one utility, the resident may submit an alternate article of official business mail postmarked within the last 30 days.

Submitting Immunization Records Online:

  • For returning students: Prior to spring break, requests for state-required immunization updates were mailed from the school to the appropriate parents/guardians. Please upload those updated immunization records in the parent portal during the registration process, if you have not already emailed them to the health para at your child’s school.
  • New district families: If your child was not enrolled in Grandview schools as of May 2nd 2022, please upload your child’s complete immunization record during the registration process in the parent portal. **Please write your child’s anticipated grade level on the immunization records before uploading.
    • If you do not have the immunization updates or records in your possession, you will need to contact your healthcare provider or previous school to obtain the records. 
    • If you do not have the necessary immunization updates or records you will not be able to complete the online process.


Bus cards and assignments will be mailed to families in August. Students attending High Grove or that have specialized transportation due to their IEP will be called prior to the first day of school.

If you have questions about what school your child will attend within the Grandview C-4 School District or if you reside within our district please visit our school locator (Infofinder) at this link: School Boundaries and Bus Stops

Registration Completion:

  • Once all required registration steps are completed you will receive notification from your child’s school.
  • Incomplete registration, residency, and/or immunization records will prevent students from enrolling in school.  Parents will receive an email from the school if any of the registration is not complete.