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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register my child for school?
A: All registration and enrollment will be done online. All parents will need to access the parent portal to complete registration. Detailed instructions can be found by clicking here.

Q: How do I access the parent portal?
A: Access to the parent portal can be found at You will need an email address and a password. Please follow the steps in the next questions if you forgot your username and/or password.

Q: What if I forgot my username?
A: Your username is the email address you use to receive district communication. If you do not remember your email address, please call your child's school before June 21 or after July 18.

Q: What if I forgot my password?
A: Click on 'forgot password' in the parent portal and follow the prompts.

Q: If my child is new to the district, how do I register them?
A: Parents can access the parent portal to set up an account. (Note: Parents will need to remember their username and password for future use.)

Q: I cannot access the parent portal, although my child is a returning student and I have had access in the past.
A: If you do not know the username or password to gain access and have tried the steps above then you will need to call your child's school for assistance. School offices will open on July 18 when school administrators and secretaries return.

Q: How old does my child need to be to enter Kindergarten? 1st grade?
A: Children must turn 5 on or before July 31 to enter Kindergarten and must turn 6 on or before July 31 to enter 1st grade.

Q: How do I prove residency?
A:  Upload your lease or mortgage along with two current utility bills (statement or billing date, not due date, within the last 30 days; no disconnect or final notices will be accepted). If you only pay ONE utility, please upload your mortgage or lease agreement, your most current utility bill, and one piece of official business mail in your name (postmarked/dated within the last 30 days). For more information click here.

Q: How do I upload immunization records?
A: For returning students: In the spring, requests for state-required immunization updates were mailed to the appropriate parents/guardians. Please upload those immunization updates in the parent portal during the online registration process, if you have not already emailed them to the health para at your child’s school. Make sure the student's name is on each document.
New to district: Please upload your child’s complete immunization record in the parent portal during the online registration process. Please write your child’s name and anticipated grade level on the immunization records before uploading.

If you do not have the immunization updates or records in your possession, you will need to contact your healthcare provider or previous school to obtain the records. If you do not have the necessary immunization updates or records, it will delay the enrollment process.

Q: How do I get my child’s schedule?
A: Schools will upload students' schedules in the parent portal after August 15 along with additional information.

Q: How do I sign my child up for LINC?
A: There will be a link for parents to access LINC. Additional information will be posted on our website at a later date.

Q: How will I receive my student's ID card and bus assignment?
A: Bus assignment information will be available via the Infofinder tool

Identification cards will be distributed to students on the 1st day of school at your child’s school. Students that attend out-of-district schools should expect to receive their cards from the bus driver or para on the first day of school.
Students attending Special Education Programs will be called prior to the first day of school with bus information including students attending High Grove Early Childhood Center.

Q: My child goes to a daycare that is not within the school of attendance boundaries, do you provide bus service?
A: No, bus service is only provided to addresses within the boundaries of your child’s school of attendance.

Q: My child lives in the walk zone, but I want them to ride the bus. (Policy EEA)
A: State law provides that resident students living three and one-half miles or more from school will be entitled to free transportation to and from school. The Board of Education has acted to provide transportation to resident students who live one mile or more from school. Transportation shall be furnished for shorter distances if, in the opinion of the Board, conditions are unreasonably hazardous relative to the age of the students concerned, as long as no appreciable additional expense is incurred by the district.

Transportation for a student with a disability will be provided if the IEP team determines that such transportation is necessary as a related service due to the student's disability. Transportation for special education students or students classified as homeless will be provided in accordance with the law.

Q: Who is the district’s transportation provider?
A: The Grandview C4 School District owns and operates its own school bus fleet. Providing safe, efficient, and timely transportation is our top priority.

Q: How do I appeal my bus stop location?
A: All appeals should be submitted to the Director of Transportation, Adam M. Schwartz, for review. Bus stop appeal forms are accessible via the Transportation Department link on the district website. Appeals are reviewed by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). The TAC has been trained and is knowledgeable of State and District guidelines that govern bus stop locations. Appeal Forms should be mailed to 13208 Park Hills Drive, Grandview, MO 64030, or submitted online. Parents will be notified after the monthly meeting of the TAC decision.

Q: My child’s bus drives right past my house, but only stops at the corners, why can’t the driver just stop at my house?
A: Drivers are not allowed to change school bus stops. Per the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Board Policy bus, stops must be a minimum of 500’ apart and located at convenient intervals…preference will be given to that route serving the largest number of students more directly.

Q: Is it okay to board the bus to talk with the driver, give my student an item, or address a concern? (Policy EEA)
A: Per Board Policy and State Statute RSMo 569.155 “Trespass of a School Bus” access to all district transportation is limited to authorized riders and staff. All district staff and drivers shall report any instance of trespass to appropriate administrators and law enforcement agencies.

If you have a concern or need to speak with the driver please contact the Transportation Director or your Child’s principal. If you do approach the bus, please walk around the driver’s side window to address the driver. It is important that the bus must remain on schedule and not be delayed by lengthy conversations.

Q: Do the buses have assigned seating?
A: Yes, assigned seats are required for all students regardless of grade. Seating charts are completed by the 3rd week of school.

Q: Do the buses have audio/video recordings?
A: Yes, all school buses are equipped with audio and video recording.

Q: We have a family emergency and I need to drop off my students with a friend in the morning. Can they ride the bus to school with that friend in the morning? Is this possible?
A: Yes, the District realizes family situations will occur and for this reason, drivers are instructed to pick up all age-appropriate students on the morning routes. Students typically will be asked to sit in the front and the driver will need their information (name, grade). Please be sure to send a note with your student if they will need to ride to the friend’s home that afternoon. Students should take the note to the school’s office before noon to get it approved.

Q: Can my student be dropped from the school bus roster?
A: Yes, in accordance with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) all school districts must maintain accurate, active ridership rosters. DESE defines an active rider as a student that rides at least one time a week. Based on this the district is required to remove students that are not active riders. If your student will start riding consistently, please contact your school to have them changed from “In-Active” to “Active”.

Q: My student only needs to ride the bus a few times a year or when our car breaks down.
A: For these cases, the schools may be able to issue a note to accommodate them. Please be sure to send a notification of this to your student and have them take it to the front office before noon so there is time to process and issue the pass. In some cases, the pass may not be available due to the location requested not currently being serviced, the bus is at capacity, etc. Please call your school or Transportation Department (816-316-5175) for more details. In some cases, it may take 24-72 business hours to make arrangements.