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Transfer Requests

Pursuant to Board of Education policy JCB, resident students may request to transfer to a different school by completing a district transfer form and submitting it to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resource Development for review. Approval of student transfer requests will be subject to available space and eligibility is determined by the Grandview C-4 School District. Transfer requests will be approved in such a manner that disruption to the educational process will be minimized. Transportation will not be provided to students requesting a transfer and is the responsibility of the family.
Intradistrict transfers other than those required under federal law will conform to the following guidelines:
1. Transfer request form must be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resource Development.
2. Student transfer placement is subject to available space in the specified grade level at the requested school. Therefore, transfer placements can only be considered after enrollment has been established. This may be up to three weeks after the start of the semester. Pending approval of the transfer request, the student should be enrolled at the home school.
3. A transfer may be revoked during the school year if the class size exceeds the district guidelines for teacher/student ratio and can no longer accommodate students other than those living in the school’s attendance area.
4. Bus transportation will not be provided for a student transferring to a school outside the student’s attendance area unless required by law. Transportation arrangements are the responsibility of the parent.
5. Student transfer placements are granted for the current school year only, except those exempted by the Superintendent or designee. A request must be resubmitted each year to continue enrollment at the transfer school.
6. A transfer may be revoked at any time during the school year due to excessive tardiness, absences, or disciplinary issues, in which case the student will be reassigned to the home school.

Please click the link below to access the Student Transfer Request Form. Once completed please email the form to [email protected].  Any in-person requests must be made by appointment only.