About Us

If you would like to participate on the district-wide Wellness Committee please call 816-316-5023.

The Grandview C-4 Board of Education recognizes the relationship between student well-being and student achievement. Therefore, the district has established a Wellness Program to promote student health and facilitate student learning of lifelong healthy habits.  The goals of the Wellness Committee include:

  • Nutrition Education and Promotion
    • Assure students have the knowledge to make healthy eating decisions
    • Promote good nutrition in schools and community
    • Comply with Federal nutrition requirements
  • Physical Activity Promotion
    • Provide students with the knowledge and skills to perform a variety of physical fitness activities 
    • Assist students in learning to value and enjoy physical activity as part of an ongoing healthy lifestyle
  • Student Wellness
    • Establish School Health Advisory Councils at each attendance site
    • Develop and implement trauma-sensitive programming and other school-based activities and programs to promote student wellness
  • Staff Wellness and Professional Development
    • Offer staff wellness programs
    • Provide professional development related to student wellness
  • Oversight and Evaluation
    • Assess the wellness policy per Federal guidelines
Making the Connection: Wellness & Academics