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LINC Online Pre-Enrollment

The LINC Caring Communities initiative provides family and community services and support, including food distributions, utility, rent and internet assistance, help with housing issues, legal aid, and job search in addition to Before & After School programs.
LINC is now accepting pre-enrollment in the Grandview LINC Caring Communities Before & After School Program. Completing the pre-enrollment form is the best way to reserve a spot in the program.
To pre-enroll go to
For assistance with other needs, families should contact the LINC Caring Communities Coordinator at their school.
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LINC Coordinators

Belvidere - 816.316.5368
Butcher Greene - 816.316.5379
Conn West - 816.316.5279
Grandview Middle - 816.316.5614
Martin City K8 - 816.316.5795
Meadowmere - 816.316.5553
Sean Akridge - Supervisory Contact - 816.889.5050