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Weather Guidelines for Outdoor Play

The following guidelines have been established for healthy outdoor play based on recommendations from the MO Dept of Health, National Weather Service, & US Dept of Health & Human Services.

Our principals and teachers will be using the National Weather Service to determine temperature, heat index, and wind chill. Your child’s safety is our number one concern.

Recommendations for HEAT:


Outdoor Policy

Heat index 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit

Outside for 15-30 minutes or less

Heat index greater than 95 degrees Fahrenheit

No outdoor playtime


Recommendations for HEAT: If the heat index is 90 to 95 degrees, or if there is a heat advisory in effect, children should only be outside for short periods of time (15 -30 minutes or less). Time is based on the children’s appearance and behaviors. If the children are running around and playing, and do not exhibit any signs of heat illness, they can be out on the longer end.  However, if children are sitting or standing around in the shade, staff are to bring them inside.


Recommendations for COLD:

Temperature/Wind Chills

 Outdoor Policy

Between 50-30 degrees Fahrenheit

 Regularly scheduled outdoor playtimes

Between 29-20 degrees Fahrenheit

 15-20 minutes maximum

Between 19 degrees Fahrenheit and below

 No outdoor playtime


We ask children to have winter outerwear such as a winter coat, hat, and gloves each day during the winter season.