IGNITE VISION - Summer School

It is time to level up! Get a head start on the 24-25 school year by joining us this summer for Ignite Vision Summer School.  Readiness is a key component to success, and we want you to enroll now so you can sharpen your skills, enhance your abilities, and become your best you!
Location and Times

On-Site Summer School Dates: June 10th - July 3rd, 2024

Session 1  On Site: June 10th - July 3rd, 2024

Session 2 Virtual Dates (High School only, Recovery only): July 8th-July 26th, 2024 

Launch High School Attainment: June 3rd - June 28th, 2024


Site Locations



Martin City K8

(Conn West, Butcher-Greene, Martin City K8 students)

Incoming K-5

Daily Schedule


Bus drop off 8:45

Martin City K8

(Martin City K8 & 

Grandview MS students)


Daily Schedule


Bus drop off 8:45

Middle School Band

(Martin City K8)



See Transportation Notes

Belvidere Elementary

(Belvidere and Meadowmere students)

Incoming K-5

Daily Schedule


Bus drop off 8:45

Grandview High School


Session 1 


Session 2 




Bus drop off at 7:15

Extended School Year

All District Programs

(Martin City K8) 

Incoming K-5 



K-5 Daily Schedule

9:00 am - 1:05 pm

    6-8  Daily Schedule

9:00 am-1:05 pm

High Grove Early Childhood 

All High Grove Students

Daily Schedule

          9:05 am-1:05 pm 

NOTE: Martin City K-8, Belvidere, and Grandview High School will serve breakfast and lunch during the school day.

*All enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.


 Registration Enrollment Information

Site Locations

Grade Levels


On-Site Times

Online (www.parentportal.grandviewc4.net)

Grandview High School


Instructional Services Center

K- 12th grade

February 15, 2024

Opens: (Online) 



March 20, 2024 


GHS Lobby

April 10, 2024


13007 10th St.

Grandview, MO


9th  - 12th grade


Scheduled through GHS Counselors (early May)


NOTE: All students will register for Ignite Summer School at the next grade level. For example, a 4th grader will enroll in the 5th grade summer school option. An 8th grader will enroll as a Freshman.

How to Register:

For Incoming Families: Log in to Parent Portal at parentportal.grandviewc4.net, and then 'click' the Summer School Registration Button.

New Families: You must register in person, to do so please call 816-316-5000 and make an appointment to register.


Food Service:

Breakfast and lunch will be provided at each site free of charge.


Local Investment Commission (LINC):

Before and after-school care for Summer Explorations will be provided for elementary school students at Martin City K8  and Belvidere Elementary Schools.

Special Education:

Extended School Year (ESY) services will be provided for eligible students.  Elementary students who qualify for ESY services will be split into two groups, with services and placement determined by their IEP team.  If your child is eligible for ESY and in grades K-5, please check with your student’s case manager or building process coordinator for site location information.


Transportation will be provided for elementary and middle school students to and from the summer school sites. 


Transportation will be available for high school students to the morning session and after the afternoon session at Grandview High School. 


Band students can attend band class only or band class and summer school programming. Transportation is provided at the beginning and end of each school day. Parent pick-up is required if students are participating only in band.


Pick-up and drop-off locations will be limited, and specific information regarding these locations will be distributed within your welcome letter and during on-site enrollment opportunities.