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About Health Services

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The Board of Education will provide health and physical well-being of students through the establishment of a district-wide student health services program in the school district. The purpose of the district health services program is to help each student attend school in optimum health and to benefit from the school experience.

Medication at School

The district prohibits students from possessing or self-administering medications while on district grounds, on district transportation or during district activities unless explicitly authorized in accordance with school board policy.

Over-the-counter medications/supplements must be in the original container and be accompanied by a written order from the prescriber detailing the circumstances for use. Any over-the-counter medication to be self-administered by secondary students (grades 6–12) will be provided in the original container and accompanied by written authorization from a parent/guardian. Early childhood thru fifth-grade students are prohibited from self-administering any medications, including over-the-counter, except as allowed by state or federal law and/or special circumstances. Unless otherwise authorized, the parent/guardian must provide the district with written permission to administer medications before the district will administer medications.

Prescription medications will be provided to the school in a container properly labeled by a pharmacy or authorized prescriber. Labels should include the name of the student, name, and dose of medication, date prescribed, time to be given, and name of prescriber.

Medications regulated by the Federal Narcotics Act (i.e. Ritalin, Adderall) will be brought to school by parents/guardians and will be counted, recorded, and kept in a locked cabinet. Each dose will be recorded and any unexplained loss reported to the proper authorities.

The district will permit a student to possess and self-administer medications as required by law, except for substances that are illegal under state or federal law. Any prescription medication to be self-administered due to a chronic health condition including, but not limited to, asthma and anaphylaxis, will be accompanied by a written order from an authorized prescriber and written authorization from a parent/guardian. Permission to possess and self-administer medications may be revisited if there is evidence that the student is not handling or administering the medication appropriately or that the student’s actions may be harming his or her own health or the health and safety of other persons. Such permission is required for students to possess and self-administer medications while at school, at a district-sponsored activity, and on district-sponsored transportation. Such permission shall be effective only for the same school and school year for which it is granted.
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