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Device Repair Process

Initial Report of Issues
  1. The Parent or student will contact the IT Helpdesk regarding problems with district-issued technology using the student help desk line at 816-316-4650 or via email at [email protected].
  2. Helpdesk personnel will evaluate whether the issue can be resolved remotely or if the device will need to be turned in for repair.
  3. If the device needs repair, helpdesk personnel will email the designated point of contact for the building such as principal or secretary with contact information for the parent/student.
Receipt of Damaged Device
  1. The assigned school staff member will contact the parent/student and arrange to swap the damaged device for a loaner or different device. The replacement device will need to be checked out through Alexandria, so the librarian may need to be involved (depending on the school procedure.)
  2. Once the school site has taken possession of the damaged device, arrangements with the site for pick up/drop off with the IT Department office will be made.
  3. IT Department staff will arrange for repair of the device.
Return of Repaired Device
  1. An IT technician will return the repaired device to the appropriate building.
  2. The designated staff member will contact the parent/student to return the loaner device and pick up the repaired device. The loaner device will need to be checked back in to Alexandria when it is returned.
  3. Each site should designate devices to be set aside for loaners such as the library devices.