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  • 2:00 The BOTBKC Journey to Science City

    Winning the Burns & McDonnell Battle of the Brains was just the beginning of the journey for our FOCUS students. They just started planning and preparing for their $1 million exhibit at Science City that will open in March of 2019. Check out how their experience is going so far.

    Uploaded Feb 03, 2018by Sheba Clarke
  • 00:35 Coffee with the Superintendent

    Join Superintendent Dr. Kenny Roderquez for 'Coffee with the Superintendent' Saturday, Feb 3 at 9am at Martin City K-8 School, located at 201 East 133rd Street, Kansas City, Mo 64145.

    Take the opportunity to learn about what is taking place in our district. It's good conversation and great coffee on us!

    Uploaded Jan 25, 2018
  • 2:14 CAIR's Focus Program WINS Battle of the Brains KC

    CAIR's Focus program edged out 820 exhibit ideas to win the grand prize in the Burns and McDonnell Battle of the Brains competition.

    The competition is one of the biggest Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) competitions in the metro area and beyond. The CAIR Focus program is set to receive a $50,000 grant and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to build a $1 million exhibit at Kansas City's Science Center!

    "Our goal is to not only spark an interest in STEM, but to light a fire for a career in STEM," says Ray Kowalik, chairman and CEO of Burns and McDonnell. "That's why winning the competition is just the beginning. Now, the Grandview students get a front-row seat working with our researchers, architects, construction managers, and engineers. By the time we open the exhibit, they will understand what it takes to bring their vision to life."

    Grandview's winning proposal explores STEM from a human health perspective. It dives deep into a very complex topic, the brain, and uncovers how it controls literally everything we do as humans. One part of the brain tests your memory - while another regulates motor movements. The exhibit idea is an engaging discovery of how the brain affects our five key senses: taste, touch, hear, smell, and vision.

    This year, participation in Battle of the Brains grew by nearly 60-percent, reaching record levels:
    7,000 students
    400 teachers
    820 submissions
    250 schools
    55 school districts
    75,000 online votes

    Uploaded Nov 30, 2017
  • 3:32 Grandview C-4's Privilege Walk

    September 22, 2017, approximately 330 certified staff in the Grandview C-4 School District participated in the ‘Privilege Walk’ exercise during Curriculum and Instruction Day. The exercise took place on the Grandview High School football field.

    Throughout the privilege walk, statements were read by the facilitator, Superintendent Dr. Rodrequez, and the participants were asked to take a step forward or backward based on their responses. This activity forces participants to confront the ways in which society privileges some individuals over others.

    "The purpose is not to blame anyone for having more privilege or for receiving more help in achieving goals, but to have an opportunity to identify both obstacles and benefits experienced in our life," said Superintendent Dr. Kenny Rodrequez.

    After the exercise staff was asked questions about the feeling they had taking those steps and watching their peers take steps. Also, how those same feelings may impact students. The staff was reminded that some of the obstacles and benefits we have experienced in our lives are also happening to our students. Just like others won’t know just by looking at us what types of privileges and obstacles we experienced growing up, we as educators won’t always be able to see that information from our students on the surface. The staff was continually encouraged to build positive relationships with students in an effort to gain insights that will help them be more effective teachers.

    "We all bring our past experiences and backgrounds with us every day and impacts our ability to build positive relationships with our students. Our students also bring their experiences and life situations with them every day. I hope that exercises like this one will help all of us look beyond what we see on the outside and focus more on seeing the world through our students' eyes," said Rodrequez.

    Uploaded Nov 06, 2017

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