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Grandview C-4 School District to Cover ACT Testing Cost for High School Juniors

With the state's decision to cut 4 million dollars and eliminate state funding for the ACT, Grandview has decided to take on that cost, approximately $12,000, thereby continuing to provide ACT testing for all students for the third year in a row. The ACT is the leading US college admissions test measuring what you learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college. By providing each student the opportunity to have an ACT score, Grandview will ensure that each of its students has a critical prerequisite for entry into college.  In addition, student scores on the ACT provide the district the data needed to assist in determining its alignment to career and college readiness.  

This year, the district improved its average ACT score by .8 of a point while the state average rose .2 of a point. Source: ACT