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Board Briefs - February Meeting 2023

Regular Open Meeting Brief – February 9, 2023

The entire meeting agenda can be viewed at: February 9, 2023 BOE Meeting

Program Evaluations

Program Evaluations for Migrant and Homeless Services were presented to the Board.  No students attending Grandview C4 Schools have been identified as migrant in the past several years, however the district remains current on all rules and regulations regarding migrant students.  Since the 2018-19 school year the district has served an average of 68 homeless students per year, although typically this time of year there are significantly fewer homeless students enrolled. District procedures are in compliance with state and federal standards. Transportation costs continue to be a concern. District liaisons work with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) staff as well as the KC Area Homeless Coalition to identify and develop strategies to streamline delivery, enhance community resources for homeless students and share ideas to contain transportation costs.

Student Assessments

The Curriculum & Instruction Department assesses all kindergarten through ninth graders and all CAIR students on math and reading three times a year using the iReady Assessment.  These assessments are used to identify any needed adjustments to interventions for students not yet at grade level or enrichment for who are already at or beyond grade level.

Strategic Plan Mid-Year Review

Administration reviewed progress toward goals in the Focus Areas of Student Success, Workplace Excellence, Resource Stewardship & Organizational Efficiency, Family and Community Involvement and Strategic Governance.  Progress is determined by the percentage of action steps that are in progress or complete. 

Facilities Upgrades

The Board approved contracts to upgrade the Meadowmere Elementary School parking lot and for site work at the GHS stadium in preparation for installing new bleachers on the visitor’s side.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Report

The Board received the annual EEO report for calendar year 2023 which provides information regarding employment distribution by race and gender in job classifications.  The district has 27% minority representation in the professional administrative staff and 62% of the administrative positions are held by women.  The overall minority employment for Grandview C4 as of December 2022 is 191 individuals, an increase from 2023.