Superintendent Blog: What a Year!

This last calendar year, there was a tremendous amount of all of these.  The new year, however, brings new possibilities and a renewed sense of what could be.  
2023 is going to be an amazing year for the Grandview C-4 School District and it will bring some exciting changes.  Several buildings district-wide will be under construction for the next 8-10 months with several upgrades coming that will show our staff, students, and community what is truly possible here.  This includes several projects at Grandview High School such as expanding our cafeteria and renovating our industrial technology space, continuing to install new playgrounds at our elementary schools and upgrading all the camera systems and door locks throughout all school sites in the District.  These upgrades will create more functionality, and will also provide additional layers of safety while building on the Bulldog pride that already exists in all of our buildings and throughout our community.  
Grandview continues to move forward because of the tremendous support and collaboration that we have with our staff, students, and our community. Recently, our school district was featured in a national magazine highlighting one thing: how much work our staff has done during the past two years. Our students continue to progress academically and socially/emotionally and it’s largely due to the entire team of Bulldog staff in our district. We are also proud of the amazing accomplishments of our students that have been recognized throughout our local, regional, and national communities.

As for our Grandview and South Kansas City community, we appreciate your continued support. Best-selling author, Melody Beattie once said, “The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written." The 2023 chapter of the Grandview C-4 School District lies before us ready to be written and I am excited to see all that we can accomplish together.