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The Grandview C-4 family grieves with Mr. Floyd’s family during this challenging time.  How we as a country choose to respond to this tragedy, as well as other unjust actions we see and experience, will define our future.  

I have started this letter so many times over the past few days.  At times my words have been from a place of anger, at other times a place of sorrow, but ultimately they come from a place of Hope. I know as an Hispanic male that it is not enough to simply condemn the racism that we are seeing; we must take action and sustain it moving forward.  For my part, I promise to continue to push forward the cultural competency work that I committed to the moment I accepted the Grandview C-4 Superintendent position.  As a Superintendent, but also a father of two, I want our students to inherit a country that is better than what I grew up in; I want our students to know they can truly be anything they want to be without restrictions that may be placed on them due to something outside their control, such as the color of their skin.  We, as educators, have a tremendous responsibility to help shape the next generation and show them what is possible.  Our school district, with ongoing support from our School Board, will continue to have honest conversations about cultural competency, including race, in order to build a more unified community.  

To all our Grandview C-4 students we want you to know that we see you.  We believe in you.  You represent the hope that does, and will continue, to exist in this country.  The hope and knowledge that you CAN bring about the change that is still needed.  I hope that all of you recognize the power of your voice and that you continually strive to use it to make this world, this country, and your local community a better place for all.  Don’t lose faith that there is still  good in this world.  Author LeJuan James once said “Don’t let your current situation dictate your future.  Never let fear and doubt overcome your true dreams.”  Our nation's current situation does not dictate its future, and your school district hopes that none of you ever let fear and doubt stand in the way of you achieving your dreams.