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Visitor System

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Grandview C-4 uses the Raptor® Visitor Management system to improve campus safety for students and faculty at all district sites. The ID card scanning system provides practically instant screening of visitors, contractors, and volunteers for sex offender status and custom alerts, such as custody orders. As a result, school officials have a more accurate headcount of who’s on campus in case of an emergency.


The Raptor Visitor Management system currently flags over 75 sex offenders per day attempting to enter schools across the country. The system also issues a daily average of 150 custom alerts, the most common being custody issues. Upon check-in, each first-time visitor presents their state or federal government-issued identification card. The Raptor® system scans the ID and automatically checks each person entering school grounds against the national database of registered sex offenders, as well as against a custom alert database created by each district or school. Once a visitor is cleared by the system, a visitor badge is printed that includes a photo, as well as the individual’s name, date, time of entry, and destination. If a potential threat is identified, the system sends instant alerts to designated staff via email and text.


We’re excited to be at the forefront of school safety technology. People are checking in and out of campus constantly. It’s a revolving door of visitors, volunteers, and vendors. This system offers an extra layer of protection. Whether it’s making sure a student is released to the right parent who has custody, or clearing a volunteer, visitor or vendor to enter our campus, we know we’re doing everything we can to keep our students and faculty safe.


If you are interested in learning more about the Raptor visitor management system, please visit the Raptor Technologies website ( If you have any questions for the district personnel, please contact 816-316-5000.