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District Offices and all GC-4 schools will be closed November 23-25 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Transportation » Bus Conduct Rules

Bus Conduct Rules

The bus is an extension of the classroom; thus, the same discipline codes apply and will be administered by a Building Administrator.

1.  Classroom conduct is to be observed by pupils at the bus stop and while riding the bus.
2.  The driver is in charge of the pupils and the bus. Pupils must obey the driver promptly.
3.  Students should be at their assigned bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled time.
4.  Students must remain seated and face the front at all times.
5.  Unnecessary conversation with the bus driver is prohibited.
6.  Students must not extend arms or other extremities out of the bus windows.
7.  Articles are not to be thrown on the bus or out of the bus windows.
8.  Eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus. Eating and drinking may be allowed at the driver’s discretion on ACTIVITY TRIPS ONLY.
9.  Pupils who must cross the road after leaving the bus shall cross at least ten (10) feet in front of the bus and only upon the signal given by the bus driver.
10. Students should stand back at least six (6) feet from the curb until the driver opens the door of the bus.
11. NO profanity, abusive, disrespectful, threatening, disparaging, or demeaning language.
12. NO animals, dead or alive, will be allowed on the bus at any time.
13. NO glass containers will be allowed on the bus.
14. NO firearms or weapons possessed or used OR use of any object as a weapon.
15. NO disruptive behavior: verbal, written or symbolic.
16. NO possession or use of tobacco products, alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia.
17. NO possession or use of fireworks or any flammable, explosive materials.
18. Upon arrival to school, students requesting to ride any bus, other than their assigned bus or getting off at a bus stop, other than their assigned stop, must present a signed note from both sending and receiving parents granting permission, which would indicate the reason, bus stop, name, address and phone number of destination for approval by a Building Administrator. Transportation is a privilege which is offered to selected students.
Students that create problems of safety on school buses may be denied the privilege of transportation. A driver may deny a student a ride to school the next morning. If this action is necessary, the Director of Transportation and/or Building Administrator will notify the parent/guardian.