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Transportation » Student Ridership and Bus Cards

Student Ridership and Bus Cards

In accordance with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) all school districts must maintain accurate, active ridership rosters. DESE defines an active rider as a student that rides at least one time a week. Based on this the district is required to remove students that are inactive riders. Inactive riders are removed if the student does not ride the bus for 10 consecutive school days.

If your student will start riding consistently, please contact your school to have them changed from “In-Active” to “Active”.

Grandview C4 Schools Student Ridership Program

Grandview C4 Schools use Synovia Student Ridership Technology for students who ride District buses to and from school.  The technology allows the District to monitor students getting on and off the bus to ensure student safety. The technology uses a badge, smart phone, and or bar code which then communicates with the scanner located on the bus.   This system allows the Transportation Department and Schools to know when and where each student enters and exits the bus on their assigned route.

Grandview C4 Schools offers this service to parents and/or legal guardians who would like to participate.  In accordance with 167.168 RSMo, student participation in the service is not mandatory; therefore parents and/or legal guardians may choose not to participate by opting out of the service.  

Parents and/or legal guardians seeking to opt out of the Student Ridership Program should complete and return the opt-out form that can be obtained from the District Transportation Office.

If a student loses or damages their card there is a $5.00 replacement charge.  This fee may be paid directly to the student’s school or school bus driver.

Care of the Card

  1. Do not punch holes or bend/flex the card
  2. Keep cards away from extreme heat such as dryers, stove tops, washing machines, etc.
  3. Do not chew on the card or puncture the card in anyway
  4. We encourage you to attach it to the students backpack, binder, or key chain so they will not be lost or misplaced.
  5. The card is issued specifically to the students ID number, therefore other students (including siblings) may not use their card.
  6. If the card is lost or misplaced please notify your school bus driver and/or school office immediately.

If you have further questions about this program please contact the Transportation Director at 816-316-5175.